Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cedar Creek Arts & Crafts Festival

The Cedar Creek Arts & Crafts Festival was today. Actually, it's still going on as I'm writing this, so I'll be back later tonight to post an update on the amount raised.

We had a great turnout! There were a lot of booths set up and a lot of people milling around. We'd like to this opportunity to publicly thank everyone who helped make today a success:

April - donated bracelets
Carol - donated custom spiritual artwork (framed)
Melissa - custom made pillowcases (and donated her time to work the booth)
The Parker Girls - donated time and helped with facepainting
Tuesday - did face painting and donated custom framed pencil drawings
Mark - donated time to help set-up the booth
John & Donna - donated handmade swords & shields
Rick - donated handmade shelves
Eli & Nandini - donated handpainted decorated wooden crosses
Leslie - donated handmade clothespin dolls
Tristan - donated custom paintings, fairy wands, and lots and lots and lots of time
Cherie - donated homemade soap with dragonfly decorations

Although the festival is still going on, I can safely say that Tuesday, one of the teens going on the mission trip, was a huge hit with her face painting. She constantly had a line of kids eagerly awaiting to be transformed into cheetahs and other wild animals.

Here are a few pictures of the event. Be sure to check back later for the grand total.

Tuesday doing face painting with Nandi

Nandi - a beautiful little cheetah

Sword & Shield Sets - courtesy of John & Donna

Framed fairy drawing by Tuesday

Adorable little Joanna wearing one of April's bracelets

A sample of some of Melissa's cute pillowcases

Clothespin dolls & one of Tristan's paintings

Tristan's Painting

Clothespin dolls by Leslie

More clothespin dolls

Painted crosses made by Eli (age 5) and Nandi (age 4)

Only a 5 year old boy would put a T-Rex on a cross....

Some of the bracelets donated by April

Cherie's gorgeous handmade soap with a dragonfly in the middle

More pillowcases and another painting by Tristan

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  1. those dolls are so CUTE! And I love that last painting.