Saturday, May 23, 2009

Craft Fair Grand Total

Well, we just did a final count and we made $154.50 at the craft fair. It's actually not bad. I know that if you live in a larger town or city then it might not seem like a lot. But you have to remember that we live in a really small town, so $154 is not that bad.

Out of that $154, 50, $115.50 goes towards one individuals ticket, $4 goes towards another person, and $35 goes into the general pool.

All of the money that you see on our sidebar is money that's in the general pool (unless otherwise specified).

We're setting up at Pioneer Days in Eustace on June 20th and we'll be selling popcorn, drinks, doing a bit more face painting and maybe some crafts.

Until then, be sure to come by Cornerstone Church on June 5th and 6th for our super humongous fundraising garage sale!

Cedar Creek Arts & Crafts Festival

The Cedar Creek Arts & Crafts Festival was today. Actually, it's still going on as I'm writing this, so I'll be back later tonight to post an update on the amount raised.

We had a great turnout! There were a lot of booths set up and a lot of people milling around. We'd like to this opportunity to publicly thank everyone who helped make today a success:

April - donated bracelets
Carol - donated custom spiritual artwork (framed)
Melissa - custom made pillowcases (and donated her time to work the booth)
The Parker Girls - donated time and helped with facepainting
Tuesday - did face painting and donated custom framed pencil drawings
Mark - donated time to help set-up the booth
John & Donna - donated handmade swords & shields
Rick - donated handmade shelves
Eli & Nandini - donated handpainted decorated wooden crosses
Leslie - donated handmade clothespin dolls
Tristan - donated custom paintings, fairy wands, and lots and lots and lots of time
Cherie - donated homemade soap with dragonfly decorations

Although the festival is still going on, I can safely say that Tuesday, one of the teens going on the mission trip, was a huge hit with her face painting. She constantly had a line of kids eagerly awaiting to be transformed into cheetahs and other wild animals.

Here are a few pictures of the event. Be sure to check back later for the grand total.

Tuesday doing face painting with Nandi

Nandi - a beautiful little cheetah

Sword & Shield Sets - courtesy of John & Donna

Framed fairy drawing by Tuesday

Adorable little Joanna wearing one of April's bracelets

A sample of some of Melissa's cute pillowcases

Clothespin dolls & one of Tristan's paintings

Tristan's Painting

Clothespin dolls by Leslie

More clothespin dolls

Painted crosses made by Eli (age 5) and Nandi (age 4)

Only a 5 year old boy would put a T-Rex on a cross....

Some of the bracelets donated by April

Cherie's gorgeous handmade soap with a dragonfly in the middle

More pillowcases and another painting by Tristan

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Greathall Educational Storytelling CD's - NEW Fundraiser!

We're embarking on a great new fundraiser that we hope you will all be a part of.... Greathall Educational Storytelling CD's!

These CD's are amazing!! You can choose between 42 storytelling classics, such as Just So Stories, A Tale of Two Cities, Romeo and Juliet, The Prince and the Pauper... the list goes on and on.

Each story is told by award-winning professional storyteller, Jim Weiss.

For every Jim Weiss Greathall CD that we sell for fifteen dollars, $4 will go towards our India trip.

We really hope that you will consider purchasing a CD for your family. These would be perfect to supplement any education, to listen to in the car (perfect for upcoming summer vacation trips!), as a birthday present or as a donation to your local library.

We hope you will take a look at the different products that are available HERE and let us know if you are interested in purchasing a CD. You can email Leslie at and she will handle all of the details.

Also, if you are local to the Cedar Creek Area, we will have official order forms available in the next few days.

This is a great opportunity to raise money for our trip to India and for Sarah's kids. Please help spread the word!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bake Sale Update

We brought our baked good leftovers to church last night and sold an extra $14!! That brings our total to $290.45!

Thanks everyone!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Bake Sale - Review

Our first bake sale was this afternoon. We made $276.45! Whoo hoo!

Not bad considering that it RAINED the entire time and we were only there for about 2 1/2 hours.

Tristan did a fabulous job setting up the sale. It looked amazing! We've learned that presentation is the key to a successful bake sale and we can't wait for our next one!

We want to give a big thank-you to everyone who made this bake sale a success:

The Rhys'
The Coopers
The Holts
The Wests
The Parkers (Melissa)
The Parkers (Kim)
The Blacks
The Goswicks
The Cross'

Also, a huge thank you goes to Brookshire's Grocery Store in Seven Points for letting us hold the bake sale. And, of course, we can't forget all of you who came out in the rain and supported us.

For those of you interested in holding a bake sale, we quickly discovered that sugar cookies on a stick are a big seller. (Thanks Shara!). Also, Dreama scored big time with her Dolly Madison 7 layer bars, Melissa's spiced pecans were scarfed up, and who knew that the Cedar Creek Community loved homemade blueberry scones. They were gone in less than an hour.

Here are some pictures from today's bake sale. I arrived late, so missed out on getting pictures of some of the teens who came out and helped.

Always have an adorable kid help sell your food. Abby was a hit with the customers. Honestly, who could resist such a face?

Cindy C. and Elijah- who just bought Dreama's 7 layer bars.

A nice couple we met who just moved here from Denton.

Leslie and Abby standing in the rain.

Shara's cookies on a stick and Melissa's spiced pecans.

Emily & Tristan

Looks good, doesn't it!!??

Emily, Katie, and Leslie in their cute little aprons

Abby - working her customer service magic

Stars Wars Movie Night - REVIEW

Thanks to everyone who helped out at last night's Movie Under the Stars. We had about 75 people show up... which isn't bad for our small little town. However, our goal is to double that for the next movie night (scheduled June 19th) and keep on growing it after that.

We raised $215. 75! Not bad!! Our biggest sellers were the glow bracelets and the canned drinks. The kids LOVED the glow bracelets (some of the kids used them as light sabers). We also sold a lot of popcorn. Man, that was some good popcorn!

We learned a lot from our first movie night. Things to consider: more advertising, posters, etc. We also plan to get a strobe light to attract people to the next movie night. We had to turn off the parking lot lighting in order to show the movie, so most people just drove right by and didn't notice we were having a special event. The strobe light (pointed upward) should attract attention for next time.

We're also going to have a "gimmick" for the next movie. We plan on showing the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . In addition to our regular concession stand, we're going to sell chocolate bars... and there will be three separate bars that hold a golden ticket. We're still working on the prizes, but someone generously donated a new Ipod Shuffle, so that will be the top prize.

We're pretty excited!

Until next time, here are a few pictures for you to enjoy from last night.....

The bomb pops and fudge bombs were a big hit. Here's Nandini with her patriotic bomb pop.

Tristan (popcorn maker extraordinaire) and beautiful baby Sailor.

Nicholas and his friend - all decked out in glow bracelets. Nicholas wins the prize for the child who spent all of his Daddy's money at the concession stand. :-)

Best friends: Brett Vader & Eli Vader

Popcorn anyone?

A partial view of the crowd.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Who Loves Cupcakes?? Bake Sale Tomorrow!

Cornerstone will be holding a bake sale tomorrow at Brookshire's in Seven Points.

If there's one thing we can say about the women who attend Cornerstone Church (and the Cedar Creek Homeschool Society).... they are fabulous bakers!

We'll be selling baked good from 10:00 - 2:00. Trust me, you don't want to miss it!

Can we tempt you with a small sampling of some of the items that will be for sale?

Blueberry Scones
Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
Triple Chunk Fudge Brownies
Popcorn Medley
Cinnamon Streusel Muffins
Seven Layer Bars
Cookies on a Stick
Paula Dean's Poundcake

Trust us, the list goes on and on!

It's cash only, so be sure to bring your money and your appetite. As always, any donations will be greatly appreciated.

See you there!

Stars Wars Under the Stars - FREE Movie Night

For all of you in the Cedar Creek area, be sure to stop by Books-For-Less in Gun Barrel City for Cornerstone's first India Trip fundraiser.

Buddy and Cherie Holt, who run Books-For-Less have generously donated their parking lot for Cornerstone to hold a Movie Night Under the Stars.

Actually, we have FOUR nights planned over the next four months.

Tonight we're going to show Star Wars IV - A New Hope. Otherwise known as the first Star Wars movie that most of us saw as children.

This is a FREE movie. Donations will be accepted and we will also have a concession stand that will include popcorn, drinks, candy, ice cream, pickles, and glow sticks.

The concession stand opens at 8:30 and the movie starts at 9:00.

Be sure to bring your family, some lawn chairs, and a blanket.

See you there!

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hi! We're a group of members from Cornerstone Church in Mabank, TX and we want to welcome you to our India Fundraising Blog.

We'll be headed to Ongole, India this coming January to work with Sarah's Covenant Homes - and we can't wait!

We thought this blog would be helpful for several reasons:

1. To keep track of all of our fundraisers
2. To raise awareness for Sarah, her children, and her work
3. To help provide a one-stop fundraising site for other churches and organizations who need fundraising ideas for future mission and humanitarian trips.

So, first things first... let's tell you a little about Sarah and her children...

Sarah is an American missionary who is married to an Indian minister named James. Together, they run India Christian Ministries. A little over a year ago, Sarah also opened up Sarah's Covenant Homes, which currently houses 43 abandoned children who have special needs.

Sarah and her kids are truly inspiring!

You can learn more about Sarah by visiting her blog: . It's a fantastic site that is updated daily and lets you follow the progress of her children and gives you ways to become involved with God's work.

If you have a heart for missions, India, and/or children with special needs, then you definitely want to follow Sarah's blog!

Want to know a little bit more about Sarah and SCH? Then click HERE to link to an article that was recently published in Earthern Vessles magazine. It can be downloaded in brochure form. In fact, we're going to have copies of it at all our fundraising events.

Also, be sure to click on our sidebar and watch the slideshow of Sarah's kids. But be prepared.... you might want to have a tissue handy. You're sure to fall in love - and get a little inspired!

Thanks for stopping by our blog. We've got lots of fundraisers planned. You can also follow our blog on blogger or subscribe to it via GoogleReader. That way you'll always know when we have a new fundraiser coming up.

Thanks again!